• Aurora Leon Bayona
    Founder of nutritrain
  • It started 20 years ago
    with the purpose to support athletes
  • Aurora Leon Bayona
    More than 60 triathlons
    Top athlete

About Nutritrain

It started 20 years ago, with the purpose to support athletes, people who want to start exercising, or those who want to achieve their ideal weight or certain physical goals

About us

Nutritrain is not a weight control clinic , we believe that the important thing is to get patients learn to eat by changing your eating habits gradually so that they know how to eat then the rest of his life. Here, we will help you to organize your meals, eat a balanced diet according to your energy expenditure, daily habits and goals.

Our main focus are athletes and people who want to start doing some type of physical activity. We believe it is essential for athletes to support their training regime with an adequate diet, one that provides enough energy and nutrients to achieve the best performance and the best physique. It doesn't matter if you are an amateur athlete or elite, our goal is to help you get to your best shape ever, recover after each training session, perform better and teach you how to eat healthy for the rest of your life. You don't need any fad diet out there in the market, the real solution is to get advice from professionals who understand you and give you personalized sports nutrition advice.

Can I get a consult if I am not an athlete? Of course you can visit us and start changing your life for real. We will help you achieve your nutritional and physical goals and be happier and healthier than you have ever been.


Offer an optimal nutrition to athletes and people who exercise regularly or are just beginning, according to their age, physical condition, training periods and goals.

Incite people who are mostly sedentary to start some kind of physical activity with the purpose to improve their health and reach their specific goals in less time.

Create a patient-dietitan bond to set personal and individualized goals.


Athetes and people starting an exercise regime will have access to scientific-based nutrition knowledge, education and adecuate nutritional counseling from sport nutrition specialists.

Healthy people or those who have a medical condition will be oriented in order to optimize their health.

Mi name is Aurora león

I am a sports nutritionist...

Aurora León Bayona

"I graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana , and for over 20 years my specialty has been sports nutrition, I was part of the first generation that graduated from the International Olympic Committee ( IOC) sports nutrition diploma in addition to a master's degree from the University of Ulster. I have had the pleasure of working with the best sports nutritionists in the world and be the dietitan of many Olympic and Panamerican athletes helping them achieve their best performance and physical goals."

...and I am also an Athlete

I strongly believe you have to experience yourself in order to understand your patients, in this case I completely understand athletes. I know what it feels like to compete in a dehydrated state, feel pain or nausea in a competition. That is why I can be your best option if you are looking for a sports dietitan who understands you. Having completed a marathon in 2:56 is a reflection of how a good nutrition can help you achieve your goals.

Improve your performance

The benefits of good nutrition when you exercise are mainly that it helps you improve your performance and delay the onset of fatigue. Nevertheless, everyday nutrition is more important while you are training, not only what you eat before, during or after your competitions.
Aurora León Bayona

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

"Sports nutrition is the tool what makes you win or lose a competition. YES, as strong as this sounds, not having the right nutrition during your workouts can affect your overall performance and more importantly the day of your big event can be jeopardized if you are not being correctly guided with your nutrition. If you take yourself and what you do seriously you need a certified sports nutritionist to help you become the best version of you. Whether you run, cycle, practise soccer or do triathlons, a proper diet will help you achieve a better performance during workouts as well as recover each day so you can handle each training loads efficently, and feel the difference between feeling tired and fatigued all the time or feel great and stronger every day. As sports nutritionists we help you meet your nutritional and physique goals, change your body composition withour compromising your health."


The benefits of good nutrition when you exercise are mainly that it helps you improve your performance and delay the onset of fatigue. Nevertheless, everyday nutrition is more important while you are training, not only what you eat before, during or after your competitions.

Sports nutrition

Its main objectives

• energy needs

Necesidades energéticas

Supply the energy needs for exercise: training makes you expend more energy which you have to cover and balance in order to avoid deficiencies and compormise your immune or hormonal system.

• Get the ideal physique

Mejorar y obtener el fisico ideal

Gain more muscle or lose fat in the best way possible, according to the demands of your sport

• Improve your recovery

  • Your nutritional strategies for training and competition .
  • Improve and practice of these strategies.
  • Maintain good health .
  • Reduce the risk of illness and injury.
  • Make the right decisions regarding the use of supplements and sports products.
  • Enjoy the food.

• In Sports

  • In weight sports , achieve the ideal body composition and make weight without risking health.
  • Achieving adequate strategies during competitions .
  • Hydrate the best way according to your sweat rate.
  • Practice the consumption of foods and beverages to avoid gastrointestinal distress during competitions .

Do not risk your health

Unfortunately there are many people out there, claiming they are experienced dietitians or health coaches. You have to seek advice from real experts, do not let them fool you. Your performance and more importantly your health may be at risk if you don't trust the right people.

Fat diets fail to meet the athlete's energy demands and needs. It is important to know how the body works and uses energy, in order to make the right recomendarions. The difference between winning or losing may be nutrition.

Our Services

¿In what consists the first appointment?

Every consultation is individualized according to the patients possibilities and goals. Each time you come to the nutritionit`s office we obtain your weight, body fat percentaje, muscle mass and anthropometry measures such as waist hip and arm circumference.

We design a personal eating plan based on healthy eating guidelines, the patients needs, lifestyle and goals. Generally we recommend an eating pattern consistin of 4 to 6 meals a day depending on the patient’s level of activity.

Subsequent appointments

Your subsequent appointments you will see the changes you have achieved so far. We determine the changes your body is experimenting using our iNBODY scale and anthropometry, this allows us to see in which parts of the body are suffering the most changes.

We evaluate the attachment to the nutritional plan first started, we answer different questions and doubts that may have arise in this first weeks.

We compare the first results with the new ones and a new nutritional plan is implemented if its necessary.


Recomendado para todas aquellas personas que:

  • Want to improve eating habits
  • Lose or gain weight
  • Improve exercise performance
  • Lower glucose levels
  • Mantain in healthy ranges blood lipid profile markers such as cholesterol and triglicerides
  • Wish to have a specific nutrition plan for and intense or long duration event
  • Improve post exercise recovery
  • Pregnant women in order to lower regnancy risks, reach a desirable weight gain and safeguard the babys health
  • Adults and children with low weight, overweight or obese
  • High performance athletes of all kinds of disciplines
  • People who do any kind of physical activity
  • Any person who wants to include an exercise regime in their nutrition plan

¿Which are the benefits obtained?

All of our nutritional plans are individualized and match to the patients goals, energy demands and lifestyle in order to avoide weight regain or health issues.

Without the use of any supplement, teas, or pills

Weight loss will be achieved naturally without the use of any supplement, teas, or pills. This will guarantees that the health is preserved while you adopt a new eating plan.

Eating habits

Get to know the food groups and the specific portions you need in order to lose, gain or mantain your weight and your health in the long term.

Low cholesterol

Your blood glucose levels, cholesterol and triglicerides will be mantained in a healthy range which will help you lower the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Balanced diet

You will learn how to enjoy food without guilt or misconceptions about food. You get a balanced diet that will allow you to include a workout. You will lose weight, fat and maintain muscle mass.

More energy

You will have more energy during the day, be more active and improve your performance both during exercise as well as on your work.

Improve performance

In athletes: improve performance, lose weight to be faster and agile, lose body fat to improve heat resistance. Accelerate recovery post workout or between training sessions.


In pregnant women, achieve a desirable weight gain, lowering the risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.


1st time appointmentDiagnosis

$ 1000

M.N. (MXN)
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Bioelectrical impedance
  • Anthropometry
  • Personzalized eating plan
Appointment Schedule

Subsequent appointments

$ 800

M.N. (MXN)
  • Body changes assesment
  • Assesment of nutritional plan
  • Bioelectrical impedance
  • Anthropometry
  • Personzalized new eating plan if necessary
Appointment Schedule

"Good food choices will not a make a mediocre athlete into a champion, but poor food choices may prevent the potential champion from realizing his or her potential."

- Ron Maughan

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